South Puget Sound Community College Red Flag

To begin, choose one of the options below.

If this is an emergency, call 911.

What to Report:

Some items to report include the following:

  • Questionable or suspicious acts or behaviors.
  • Knowledge of information or incidents that could cause harm.
  • Knowledge of illegal actions, assaults, and /or drug or alcohol sale or use.
  • Expressions by others of feelings of depression, reduction of self worth, and/or uselessness.
How to submit a Report:
  1. Click on "Make a Report without logging in" OR
  2. Create a user profile and login with your username and password. Your user profile allows you to update your own contact information, submit new reports, track reports you have already submitted, and receive updates/communication from a BIT team member.  A user profile (including a username and password) is not required to submit a report however.

First time submitting a report? If you are using this system for the first time and you would like to create a user profile then click on "Submit a new incident".  A system-generated username and password will be created and provided to you after you submit your first report.

You will then be able to access your user profile in the system.  You can then reset your user name and password. Questions?  Please contact a BIT member.  Contact information is listed in the "About Red Flag" tab above.